Environmental Policy

Our aim as an Australian owned small business is to make the most resilient and most environmentally friendly foam in Australia. The first Enviro-foam™ factory was opened in 1988 and the Queensland factory has been going strong for 20+ years. The Enviro-foam branding was brought about by the way our foam was originally made being the first company at the time to produce flexible polyurethane foam without the use of fluorocarbon. Today the Enviro-foam factory produce all their foam in the most environmentally way possible with the exclusive use of Active Seal TM & Super Mix Technologies™. Testing shows below detectable emission levels into the atmosphere from our foam making.

All foam is made using the world’s best environmental practice in foam making. We do not add any extra fillers or extenders into our foam – No Solvents, No CFC’s, No Fillers, No Methylene Chloride and No added carbon dioxide. All foam is produced locally on site at our Brendale factory on the north side of Brisbane.